no beard in a sentence

"no beard" in Chinese  
  1. His jaw was quite intact, but there was no beard on it.
  2. White hair, twinkling eyes, and ringing laughter, all right, but no beard.
  3. She's a pretty blonde of 26 _ only one nose, no beard.
  4. No hair, no beard, no mustache, no sideburns, not even a soul patch.
  5. However some of the Jews in the photograph have no beard.
  6. It's difficult to find no beard in a sentence.
  7. Extremely comfortable environment if you fit the mold _ no beards, ponytails, earrings.
  8. Black males have no beard at all unless they have some White ancestry.
  9. And here I am now, no beard, no turban, in charge of the examinations.
  10. Since Harrison, we've had some with mutton chops and mustaches _ but no beards.
  11. Khan, who is in his 50s, wears a thick black moustache, but no beard.
  12. "He didn't have no beard when he left, and he bites his nails now,"
  13. Pitcher Danny Graves : " No beard for me.
  14. Unlike the bearded emperor tamarin, it has no beard.
  15. Asked why he wore no beard, Khan laughed.
  16. He was very tall, about six-foot four, had brown eyes, no beard, but a large mustache.
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