no battery in a sentence

"no battery" in Chinese  
  1. It seems if you have radios, they have no batteries.
  2. Firefighters found no batteries in the home's smoke detector.
  3. No battery voltage is present in the 12 pin ALDL connector.
  4. Some vehicles have already covered more than with no battery problems.
  5. Metering is powered by a ring photocell so no battery is required.
  6. It's difficult to find no battery in a sentence.
  7. :: : : Purchasing Self Powered Equipment which uses NO batteries.
  8. I am allowed zero-resistance wires but no batteries.
  9. Power is supplied using a mains electricity outlet, no battery exists.
  10. More importantly, the TremorPak Plus requires no batteries.
  11. ST systems before the Mega ST range have no battery-backed clock.
  12. Karen, at home, finds that Chucky has no batteries in him.
  13. Unlike other toys, the original See'n Says required no batteries.
  14. There's no battery-powered sound.
  15. No batteries, no $ 300 price tag, no Yoda-like squeaks.
  16. Pros : Dual precision controllers feel good under the thumbs; no batteries required.
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