no bargain in a sentence

"no bargain" meaning  "no bargain" in Chinese  
  1. However, the Chargers'defense is no bargain, either.
  2. Ranchers are getting no bargain on state land, Kessler says.
  3. That back bunker's no bargain, either ."
  4. But that's no bargain, said opponent Jaime Mendoza.
  5. But the working life, they say, was no bargain.
  6. It's difficult to find no bargain in a sentence.
  7. That gorgeous blouse is no bargain if it requires special care.
  8. Based on the final weight, many are no bargain.
  9. Talk may be cheap, but communication is no bargain.
  10. "There's really no bargains at auctions,"
  11. To budget cutters, those numbers are no bargain.
  12. "Two Bits " is no bargain.
  13. Just the prospect of being stuck with an unwanted purchase is no bargain.
  14. Even so, many corporate bonds are no bargain.
  15. These bones are no bargain, even considering 65 million years of inflation.
  16. "It's no bargain playing one, two or three.
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