no bar in a sentence

"no bar" in Chinese  
  1. However, there are also ads that say " caste no bar ".
  2. At the one-story brick building here, there are no bars on windows.
  3. In that event, there is no bar to prosecution for the homicide.
  4. That the truth is not always convenient is no bar to Reynolds.
  5. No bar on union links with labour bodies overseas, NEW STRAITS TIMES-
  6. It's difficult to find no bar in a sentence.
  7. Eurasian antecedents were no bar to the highest levels of colonial society.
  8. The NFL awards no bars on anyone's epaulets for truthfulness, only W's.
  9. No bar, but staff will mix drinks ( except blender drinks ).
  10. These religious and occupational distinctions are no bar to intermarriage and interdining.
  11. U-NO bars used to come in two flavors : Original and mint.
  12. There are no chains, no bars and no body searches of visitors.
  13. There were, of course, no bar facilities, and changing accommodation was difficult.
  14. There is no bar, no wine list at the beach camp.
  15. For thousands of years of Jewish history there were no bar mitzvah celebrations.
  16. Back then, local government officials put up virtually no bars on the gathering.
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