no bananas in a sentence

  1. A 4, 000 Dow : Close, but No Banana Split
  2. India is no banana republic; India can do without Suzuki,
  3. We employ no banana workers to speak of in the United States.
  4. We Have No Bananas " at the age of four.
  5. The current situation is kind of like a banana republic with no bananas.
  6. It's difficult to find no bananas in a sentence.
  7. "No bananas unless they're drenched with Cool Whip ."
  8. No bananas or English bon bons this time.
  9. No banana republic comes close to the Portuguese record of instability and regime change.
  10. "This is no banana republic, " he concluded with a smile.
  11. The strike began Jan . 14, and no bananas have been harvested since then.
  12. _Lay of the land : Costa Rica grows boatloads of bananas, but it's no banana republic.
  13. It's also given us one great song title _ " Yes, We Have No Bananas ."
  14. And big brother federal government has stepped in and said, ` nice try, but no banana . "'
  15. And no banana sandwich, without the help of peanut butter, ever painted a smile on a kid's cheeks.
  16. We Have No Bananas, " the series soon integrated live action appearances of celebrities of Broadway, radio, and recordings.
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