no balls in a sentence

"no balls" in Chinese  
  1. But they have no balls to stand up for the man.
  2. So far, it's three strikes, no balls.
  3. Halcombe continued bowling and there were no further no ball calls.
  4. No ball, fair or foul, was touched by an outfielder.
  5. Although no balls left the ballpark officially, they were bouncing out.
  6. It's difficult to find no balls in a sentence.
  7. He hit Jim Leyritz with the count no balls and two strikes.
  8. Inside are no ball gowns, no black satin teddies.
  9. Twenty-six no balls helped Zimbabwe to its total.
  10. However, Pakistani umpire Javed Akhtar refused to call the no ball.
  11. No umpire, no linesmen, no ball boys, no scoreboard.
  12. The Africans conceded 39 extras including 24 wides and 10 no balls.
  13. No ball-gown evening wear showed up at Vuitton.
  14. Extras : ( byes1, wides 7, no balls 6 ) 14
  15. The Pakistan bowlers jointly gave up 26 no balls among 32 extras.
  16. The England bowlers suffered from no balls, Willis alone bowling 28.
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