no ball games in a sentence

  1. Next to the shops is a patch of grass on which no ball games are allowed to be played.
  2. For now, no ball games are played on the diamond, which is used only for batting and fielding practice.
  3. He is determined that his team will win the next day, but the next day, it rains, so there is no ball game.
  4. The NCAA needs to continue in this vein, until every high school coach and every sports-struck kid hears the message : No grades, no ball game.
  5. On different levels from like the tiny sort of restrictive signs you see everywhere like you know : no ball games, no trespassing, no dogs, no cycling, clean it up to more oppressive things on a larger scale such as cameras in the back of police vans, helicopters with cameras in.
  6. It's difficult to find no ball games in a sentence.

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