no bail in a sentence

"no bail" in Chinese  
  1. Pitt said he would recommend no bail at a hearing Friday.
  2. No bail cash, so Launder off to jail, HONGKONG STANDARD
  3. It is a capital offense, and no bail is available.
  4. This is how the " Jail No Bail " tactic began.
  5. Both are in the Hardee County Jail with no bail.
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  7. Bail ranged from $ 50, 000 to no bail.
  8. He was jailed with no bail pending extradition to Tennessee.
  9. No bail was set for owner Rogelio Alenzuela and skipper Romeo Parcon.
  10. No bail was offered as Abdul Aziz had entered the country illegally.
  11. No bail was set; Tulloch remains held in the county jail.
  12. An earlier decision to free him with no bail had sparked criticism.
  13. An earlier decision to free Gray with no bail had sparked criticism.
  14. The crew chief was killed-no bail out attempted.
  15. "I don't understand why there was no bail allowed.
  16. He was charged with capital murder, with no bail, Reagan said.
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