no abnormal in a sentence

"no abnormal" in Chinese  
  1. Officials visited 40 other chicken farms Tuesday but found no abnormal deaths.
  2. No abnormal radioactivity was reported by the Colorado Public Health Service.
  3. An autopsy showed no heart deformities and no abnormal substances in her blood.
  4. However, there is no abnormal phenotype in these heterozygous carriers.
  5. There was no abnormal radio contact prior to the crash.
  6. It's difficult to find no abnormal in a sentence.
  7. No abnormal radiation levels have been detected in the region.
  8. The poison has no abnormal smell or taste and is not destroyed by cooking.
  9. There were no abnormal seedlings because there was no germination.
  10. Electromagnetic and radio-wave detectors were used but no abnormal electromagnetic signals or paranormal effects were observed.
  11. Many meta analyses found that creatine treatment resulted in no abnormal renal, hepatic, cardiac, or muscle function.
  12. He said fish with no abnormal colour was safe to eat after it was washed and cooked appropriately.
  13. The pictures show no abnormal things,
  14. No abnormal problems have been reported.
  15. Bernard points out that she showed no abnormal behavior, when he is in fact secretly interested in her.
  16. According to tests conducted on sediment and water samples and plankton trawls, no abnormal presence of hydrocarbons was detected.
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