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  1. Night eating syndrome was first identified in 1955, but now it is being studied in greater depth.
  2. On the other hand, some people's night eating is a reflection of troubling emotional circumstances.
  3. Yasser Arafat wound up a visit to Washington Friday night eating chicken soup at a traditional Friday night Shabbat dinner.
  4. Then he spent the rest of the night eating a diet of left jabs and right-hand leads to the face.
  5. STEALTHY SNACKS : For people suffering from night eating syndrome, those trips to the refrigerator can raise feelings of guilt and anxiety.
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  7. :: When I went to the dietician a couple of years ago, I asked the very question about late night eating.
  8. Russell used to be a loyal servant and late-night eating buddier once said left-hander Omar Daal could be the next Mike Cuellar.
  9. The book, written with Sara L . Thier, uses food journaling exercises to help people recognize the thought patterns that lead to night eating.
  10. He's up to 255 pounds, 10 more than last season, thanks, in part, to some strange late-night eating patterns.
  11. Most Arab countries show Ramadan TV specials since Muslims, while they fast all day during the holy month, also stay up late at night eating.
  12. "It's late-night eating, it's room service, it's all of that, " she said.
  13. It's " all about him, " and America is stuck sitting home alone night after night eating ice cream and watching John Gibson on MSNBC.
  14. Instead, most modern Americans spend their days sitting in front of computers or standing at counters, and their nights eating high-fat foods in front of the television.
  15. It said this was a separate syndrome, identifyied by the inability to eat before dinner, and it turns out we have an article on it, night eating syndrome.
  16. He had spent the entire day playing ball with Simmons, Sealy and Dehere in a summer tournament and had spent the night eating with them at a restaurant in Beverly Hills.
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