negative answer in a sentence

"negative answer" in Chinese  
  1. The index is calculated by balancing negative answers against positive answers.
  2. A surprisingly simple negative answer was given by L . Claborn.
  3. Sonya returns with his negative answer, which quickly dampens the mood.
  4. This shows that the second question has a negative answer.
  5. Probably in anticipation of a negative answer from Mikey.
  6. It's difficult to find negative answer in a sentence.
  7. The index is calculated according to positive and negative answers to the survey.
  8. The latest round of hirings indicates a negative answer.
  9. Most were greeted by shaking heads or negative answers.
  10. Negative answers, however, always use the indicative form of the verb.
  11. If you get a negative answer to any of these questions, be wary.
  12. Negative answers came from everywhere, except Gorazde.
  13. Negative answers are just the negated verb form.
  14. The prospect of a negative answer has led us to conclude that sneakiness is safest.
  15. In general, the negative answer is the positive answer combined with " nag ".
  16. Common sense would seem to demand a negative answer to this question . . ..
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