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  1. The negative anomaly associated with the Worcester Basin / Graben has sharp margins and is particularly pronounced.
  2. A positive gravity anomaly may be an igneous intrusion, a negative anomaly a salt dome or void.
  3. Sparse gravity data shows a negative anomaly ( an area of lower gravity ) in the area of the impact structure.
  4. The top of the Thanetian stage ( the base of the Ypresian ) is defined at a strong negative anomaly in ? 13 C values at the global thermal maximum at the Paleocene-Eocene boundary.
  5. This has shown that beneath the Azores plateau there is a negative anomaly limited in the upper 250 300 km which is suggestive to be a signature to a present-day dying plume which would have created the Azores plateau.
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  7. This anomaly is sometimes called the Bangui negative anomaly, owing to its negative peak-to-trough difference, and is compared with the positive anomalies observed at the Benue Trough and Congo Basin where Lower Cambrian geological formations are exposed.
  8. The base of the Ypresian stage is defined at a strong negative anomaly in ? 13 C values at the PETM . The official reference profile ( GSSP ) for the base of the Ypresian is the Dababiya profile near the Egyptian city of Luxor.
  9. A location with a positive anomaly exhibits more gravity than predicted by the model-- suggesting the presence of a sub-surface positive mass anomaly--, while a negative anomaly exhibits a lower value than predicted-- suggestive of a sub-surface mass deficit.
  10. However, this term is most often used to describe a geologic structure that has a positive gravitational anomaly associated with a feature ( e . g . depressed basin ) that might otherwise have been expected to have a negative anomaly, such as the " mascon basins " on the Moon.

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