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  1. A negative angle defect cannot exist in ordinary space, but can be constructed in hyperbolic space.
  2. Mathematically since the sine of a negative angle is negative, we always get the following formula:
  3. The original article seems to have a specific negative angle with edits of this angle constantly being removed.
  4. The wing has a reflexed ( negative angle of attack ) trailing edge to reduce drag at cruise.
  5. Reverse thrust is also available on many propeller-driven aircraft through reversing the controllable-pitch propellers to a negative angle.
  6. It's difficult to find negative angle in a sentence.
  7. Under such conditions, power is refracted through an effectively negative angle, which implies an effectively negative index of refraction.
  8. It's no surprise CBS Sports doesn't look for negative angles, what with its billion dollar-plus commitment to March Madness.
  9. Rotation by a positive angle rotates the object counterclockwise, whereas rotation by a negative angle rotates the object clockwise.
  10. By new results there is a new configuration of shock waves-configuration with a negative angle of reflection in steady flow.
  11. Sometimes eight, 10 or 15 schools are now targeting one school and telling him every negative angle they can talk about.
  12. As the aircraft settled down on its specially strengthened nose wheel, the wing was placed in a negative angle of attack.
  13. With " positive angles " representing rotations toward the positive y-axis and " negative angles " representing rotations toward the negative y-axis.
  14. This produces a high negative angle of attack, which causes the wings to Carnildo 21 : 30, 20 February 2006 ( UTC)
  15. This allows vertex figures to have negative angle defects, like making a vertex with seven equilateral triangles and allowing it to lie flat.
  16. This formula gives " R " as the sum of the sines of four non-negative angles with sum 2?, so it is always non-negative.
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