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  1. When I saw my first naturalistic play, I was shocked.
  2. The naturalistic novel flourished, then waned, then flourished anew.
  3. Lessing created a perfect balance between naturalistic detail and fablelike allegory.
  4. Non-naturalistic color combinations became luminous, startling and harmonious.
  5. 'The Pianist " feels both staged and vividly naturalistic.
  6. It's difficult to find naturalistic in a sentence.
  7. They did a lot of geometric configurations which were very naturalistic.
  8. However, for real life application, naturalistic data is preferred.
  9. Responsive evaluation provides a naturalistic and humanistic approach to program evaluation.
  10. Tiwanaku artists continued the tradition of naturalistic, ceramic portrait vessels.
  11. Mouldings are more spread out and the foliage becomes more naturalistic.
  12. It was shot with naturalistic lighting and without a laugh track.
  13. A match engine may be deterministic, probabilistic, or naturalistic.
  14. However, Nickell found possible naturalistic explanations that Rogo had ignored.
  15. The artwork is highly detailed, the animation fluid and naturalistic.
  16. It has many naturalistic features, including large areas of woodland.
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