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"nassak" in Chinese  
  1. During the Maratha war, the Nassak Diamond disappeared from the Shiva temple.
  2. The famed Nassak Diamond was acquired by the Company as part of the spoils of the war.
  3. The famous diamond known as the " Orloff, the Dresden Green, and the Nassak Diamond.
  4. Six years later in 1837, the Emanuel Brothers sold the Nassak Diamond at a public sale to handle of his dress sword.
  5. In 1940, American jeweller Harry Winston acquired the Nassak Diamond in Paris, France and recut it to its present flawless emerald cut shape.
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  7. To compound matters, the same gang of international robbers tried to steal the Nassak Diamond again in May 1930, but once again missed it.
  8. The Nassak Diamond was imported into the United States in 1927, and was considered one of the first 24 great diamonds of the world by 1930.

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