muzio clementi in a sentence

  1. Both Therese and Louis studied with the famous pianist Muzio Clementi.
  2. Some of Keith's sacred music was published by Muzio Clementi.
  3. In 1803, Muzio Clementi, a renowned teacher, visited Dresden.
  4. Muzio Clementi's sonatinas op . 36 are very popular among students.
  5. He also did important work on the music of Muzio Clementi and John Field.
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  7. Muzio Clementi wrote more than 110 piano sonatas.
  8. She has also championed the music of Muzio Clementi both in concert and on disc.
  9. Also you might like to take a look at Muzio Clementi # Clementi and Mozart.
  10. She was admired as a performer, and Haydn, Muzio Clementi and Leopold Kozeluch dedicated works to her.
  11. Marangoni has recorded music by composers such as Rossini, Muzio Clementi, and Liszt, for the Naxos record label.
  12. Musicologists Leon Plantinga and Alexander Ringer claim that the inspiration for the Eroica theme may have come from Classical era composer Muzio Clementi.
  13. His playing was said to be brilliant, though lacking the higher qualities which characterized that of such contemporaries as Cramer and Muzio Clementi.
  14. Mozart wrote of her to his father Stein piano when Mozart performed before the Emperor in competition with Muzio Clementi, 24 December 1781.
  15. Notable residents include the composer Muzio Clementi who lived at no 128 from 1820 to 1823, and is commemorated with a blue plaque.
  16. With ministerial decree dated 20 March 2008, the Opera Omnia of the composer Muzio Clementi were promoted to the status of Italian National Edition.
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