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  1. She has three children : Jonathan Zucker, Andrea Muzin and Jeffrey Zucker.
  2. Muzin remained involved with Scott during his transition from the House to his current position in the Senate.
  3. The Tatars and Cossacks distinguished the wild horse from the feral horse; the latter was called Takja or Muzin.
  4. Douglas Holtz-Eakin was a senior policy adviser, Nicolas Muzin was medical advisor and Nicolle Wallace was senior adviser on message.
  5. As of July 2016, Muzin was being considered by Yeshiva University, his alma mater, for the position of university president.
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  7. Muzin is also the national political director for the Washington D . C . political action committee " Tomorrow is Meaningful " ( TIM-PAC ).
  8. Muzin was policy adviser for then Charleston City Councilmember Tim Scott during his successful 2010 campaign for Henry Brown, and until December of that year, served as Scott's chief of staff.

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