muzikmafia in a sentence

  1. The original MuzikMafia was born from an open mic night in Nashville.
  2. Their influence can be heard in the background vocals of MuzikMafia member Shanna Crooks.
  3. MuzikMafia received massive public exposure in 2004.
  4. Lawson joined the MuzikMafia in 2004.
  5. Ethan Pilzer joined the MuzikMafia, an association of singer-songwriters led by Big & Rich.
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  7. Kid Rock invited the MuzikMafia to perform with him on several tour dates in February and March 2004.
  8. He teamed up with other country music artists and began performing with John Rich and the MuzikMafia around Nashville.
  9. The godfathers founded MuzikMafia with an ideology of anti-commercialism a response to Music Row s commercial hegemony in Nashville.
  10. Similar MuzikMafia performances with Kid Rock took place in Memphis on 6 March and in Detroit on 20 March that year.
  11. Tuesday shows were an opportunity for MuzikMafia musicians and audience members to be themselves, rather than representations of socially accepted norms.
  12. Bill Moore is an important person who was involved in the historical thing " He was part of launching a historical brand called the MuzikMafia.
  13. For MuzikMafia members, culture was primarily  lived through experience rather than emphasized on, reflection of, or adherence to industry norms of how commercial musicians should look or sound.
  14. Simultaneously, the MuzikMafia was born, a music and art collective in which Shoenfeld was a longstanding member and also included Jon Nicholson, Gretchen Wilson, Cowboy Troy and others.
  15. While they aren't official members, people who have performed at the MuzikMafia jams include Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, Velvet Revolver, Bon Jovi, Stephen Cochran, Saliva.
  16. As with his previous album ( 2005's " Loco Motive " ), this album features several guest musicians, including fellow MuzikMafia members Big & Rich and James Otto.
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