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  1. Muzikar, 26, produces major-league baseball telecasts.
  2. She rode six on Saturday before her marriage to Matt Muzikar of Saratoga Springs.
  3. Next to this Hamlet, King Claudius ( Joe Muzikar ) looks quite dignified.
  4. Muzikar sat nearby and got busy reading a newspaper while Ms . Krone talked about wedding arrangements.
  5. "He " is Matthew Muzikar of Saratoga Springs, and he seemed an extraordinary contrast to his bride.
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  7. Zito said, referring to Matt Muzikar, a former security guard at the track in Saratoga Springs, N . Y.
  8. Muzikar actually stands 6-4 but said, " I was 6-5 when I met her ."
  9. He was hurt in a basketball game, battling for a loose ball against Matt Muzikar, husband of jockey Julie Krone.
  10. Muzikar has picked up some of the brooding indecision Lucci shed from Hamlet, so his king is a bit puzzling, but very interesting.
  11. Muzikar worked at Saratoga in August 1993, when Krone was thrown during a race and suffered a shattered ankle, elbow puncture and cardiac contusion.
  12. Walden was playing in a game at Monmouth College with a group of friends that included Matt Muzikar, who is married to the jockey Julie Krone.
  13. Muzikar, 26, used to guard Ms . Krone on her walks from the jockeys'dressing room to the paddock when he worked at the racetrack.
  14. Krone is married to Matt Muzikar of Saratoga Springs, N . Y ., and she indicated the couple might build a house not far from the track she loves.
  15. Jockey Julie Krone, who is 4-foot-10 and 98 pounds, plans to wed Matt Muzikar, a former college basketball player who is 6-4, 215.
  16. In dizzying succession, her mother died, she was divorced from Matt Muzikar, a TV reporter whom she had married in 1995, and she moved across the country, settling in Sherman Oaks.
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