muzik magazine in a sentence

  1. It gained interest from the music press including the NME and Muzik Magazine.
  2. Moreover, he won Best Rap Act at the 2014 African Muzik Magazine Awards.
  3. In the month of release the band had been given retrospective respect from magazines like Muzik Magazine.
  4. According to Muzik magazine, by 1995 the UK techno scene was in decline and dedicated club nights were dwindling.
  5. He also won Best New Act and was nominated for Best Male Central Africa at the 2014 African Muzik Magazine Awards.
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  7. In the same year, the event received the Club Of The Year award at the Ericsson " Muzik Magazine"
  8. And we all know how great that is . " Duncan Bell, reviewing the same album for Muzik magazine in the UK, in 2001.
  9. On 21 May 2014, Laoye was nominated in the category for the Best Gospel Artiste at the African Muzik Magazine Awards ( AFRIMMA ) 2014.
  10. Out since last summer in Britain, this album has popped up on loads of year-end best lists and picked up Muzik magazine's album of the year award.
  11. The first single " Theme From S'Express " went to number 1 in the UK Singles Chart, and is credited by Muzik magazine as'kick starting the UK house scene '.
  12. His profile increased considerably during 2003 when he was voted'Best Breakthrough DJ'by Muzik magazine, and in 2006, when he earned the Mixmag 2006 " DJ of the Year " award.
  13. In 2002, Nightingale was appointed as a Member of the Order of the British Empire for her services to radio broadcasting and awarded "'The Caner Of The Year Award "'by " Muzik Magazine ".
  14. The soulful vocal, trance chords, and deep house groove of " Touch Me " earned Rui an award for Best Single in the Muzik Magazine Dance Awards 2001, as well as a nomination for Best Breakthrough Artist at the Dance Star Awards.
  15. The two-disc set was well received around the world and featured Creamer & PQM's naughty " Fucksonnet, " described by Muzik magazine as " a fucking brilliant prog-swearathon that would make John Lydon blush . " Drawing from his production and remixing skills, Creamer has launched a budding DJ career.

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