muzik mafia in a sentence

  1. Magazine covers such as Country Weekly and Entertainment Weekly were shouting,  The Muzik Mafia wants you ! 
  2. After Big & Rich were finished, stagehands brought out sofas and lamps, and the entire Muzik Mafia family reappeared for a jam session.
  3. It was during this period that she and an informal group of singers and songwriters-- they call themselves the Muzik Mafia-- began meeting weekly to audition new material.
  4. She became a regular member of the Muzik Mafia, a loose-knit group of singers, songwriters and musicians who get together to jam every Tuesday, and then signed with Sony Music Nashville in August 2003.
  5. Billed ( by its sponsor, Chevrolet ) as the " American Revolution Tour, " the show stars Gretchen Wilson and Big & Rich, two wildly popular country-music upstarts who run with the same loose-knit Nashville crew, the Muzik Mafia.
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