multi - party system in a sentence

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  1. His party advocates a multi-party system respecting Islamic values.
  2. We will work further to strengthen the multi-party system,
  3. Turkey is a parliamentary democracy with a multi-party system.
  4. The political structure of Mexico has demonstrated a multi-party system.
  5. Bavaria has a multi-party system dominated by the conservative Chancellorship.
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  7. Political system of the Czech Republic is a multi-party system.
  8. Since 1999 Indonesia has had a multi-party system.
  9. The UK political system is a multi-party system.
  10. Scotland can best be described as having a multi-party system.
  11. Nowadays it is a multi-party system with four main parties.
  12. Uruguay has a multi-party system with three dominant National parties.
  13. S鉶 Tom?and Pr韓cipe has a multi-party system.
  14. Multi-party systems are political parties of three or more groups.
  15. Flanders has a diverse multi-party system of politics.
  16. Estonia has a multi-party system with numerous parties.
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