multi - national corporation in a sentence

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  1. He was counsel to multi-national corporations on environmental licensing.
  2. Twenty-four ofthem are multi-national corporations ( MNCs ).
  3. Are they part of a multi-national corporation?
  4. He spent his career working as an executive for several different multi-national corporations.
  5. It is critical of multi-national corporations, in particular banks and other financial institutions.
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  7. Several large multi-national corporations in this service field have received exposure from high-profile litigation.
  8. Cedarlane has become a multi-national corporation with over 100 employees in Canada and the United States.
  9. Ethnographic research was conducted in a $ 1.4bn multi-national corporation between 2005-2008.
  10. The new operation subsequently acquired other, smaller breweries and was itself purchased by a multi-national corporation.
  11. Naini has been a researcher and the designer of computer and information technology projects with multi-national corporations.
  12. APCO's clientele consists of multi-national corporations, governments, politicians, associations and nonprofit organizations.
  13. "Thoreau's forest is being absolutely destroyed by multi-national corporations, " he said.
  14. The interwoven international trade led to the formation of multi-national corporations, with home offices in multiple countries.
  15. More recently, the economy has benefited from major investment by many large multi-national corporations into high tech industry.
  16. Multi-national corporations with stores in Fort Saskatchewan include Safeway and Sobeys acting as some of the other major employers.
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