multi - national company in a sentence

"multi - national company" in Chinese  
  1. It houses branches of many multi-national companies and Government PSU.
  2. French-based multi-national company Suez led the financing round.
  3. The S & P Global 100 measures the performance of 100 multi-national companies.
  4. This course was very popular as students would got placement with multi-national companies.
  5. The firm represented clients ranging from individual inventors to large, multi-national companies.
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  7. He has advised over 150 multi-national companies in International Business and Corporate Philanthropy.
  8. Many Italian expatriates in India therefore tend to be entrepreneurs from multi-national companies.
  9. It is produced by the Alfredo Campari Group, a multi-national company based in Italy.
  10. The hotel won over 15 other multi-national companies in this category to clinch the prestigious award.
  11. Sony BMG asked him to become the head of classics for the newly merged multi-national company.
  12. Are there tape drives available for us general consumers, not only for big multi-national companies?
  13. It should be made clear regarding the nature of the multi-national companies transactions with the brand.
  14. Austrian journalist Klaus Werner has documented links between multi-national companies like Bayer and the illegal coltan traffic.
  15. Adi joins a multi-national company, which agrees to send him to the US for further research.
  16. There are several locally owned and operated vehicle rental agencies in Barbados but there are no multi-national companies.
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