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  1. The school has multi-media classrooms, model experimental labs, an outdoor track, and nearby residence halls with dining facilities.
  2. The renovation created multi-media classrooms, a state-of-the-art Testing Center, and an inviting and well-equipped Academic Success Center.
  3. The Film Center includes a 90-seat multi-use theater, multi-media classroom, exhibition spaces, archives, and offices for SIFF and the Film School.
  4. The project included increasing the school library, adding a state-of-the-art life and physical science laboratory and classroom, and building a film and video arts studio and multi-media classroom.
  5. The funding on IT project alone amounted to $ 2.2 million, which helped to set up the Multi-media Learning Centre, the Millennium Multi-media Classroom and the Digital Music and Creative Art Workshop.
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  7. At OSU, Halligan emphasized increasing retention and graduation rates, encouraging the development of national scholars and investing more than $ 200 million in facilities that include a Center for Services to Students, a student leadership complex, multi-media classrooms and suite-style student housing.
  8. These include : Green School Campaign, Multi-media Language Lab, Chinese Orchestra, Western Orchestra, General Education on Chinese Medicine, Digital Music and Creative Art Workshop, Millennium Multi-media Classrooms, General Education on Chinese Medicine and Resource Centre, Campus TV, to provide a platform for enhancing teaching effectiveness.

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