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  1. A multi-dimensional scaling based procedure for designing persuasive messages and measuring their effects.
  2. Edge weights that are maximized in Multi-Dimensional Scaling ( MDS ) are modified, with everything else remaining unaffected.
  3. Validation therefore begins with a framework that defines the scope and aspects ( in the case of multi-dimensional scales ) of the proposed interpretation.
  4. Alternatively, multi-dimensional scaling could be used ( non-metric for data that are inherently nominal or ordinal; metric for valued ).
  5. In a " character decoding " study performed in the 1980s, 93 viewers ( 64 women and 29 men ) were surveyed ( 27 were undergraduate students, 33 were from the Oxford subject panel, and 33 were soap viewers who responded to advertisements in a soap magazine ) on 25 characters from " EastEnders " to discover viewers'judgements and representations of the characters, through the construction of three-dimensional, multi-dimensional scaling space.
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