multhaup in a sentence

  1. District 23 : Rep . Patricia Gray of Galveston faces Republican Jeff Harrison and Libertarian Steven Multhaup.
  2. On the 31st fixture date of the season in 1967 68, Willi Multhaup, manager of 1.
  3. During the final matchdays he even had to replace certain functions of manager Willi Multhaup who had announced to join SV Werder Bremen and thereby lost the recognition of his team.
  4. Her former graduate students include Shahin Hashtroudi, Frank Durso, Mary Ann Foley, Tracey Kahan, Steve Lindsay, Elizabeth Phelps, Kristi Multhaup, Chad Dodson, Denise Evert, Mara Mather, John Reeder, Wil Cunningham, and Keith Lyle.
  5. One study included 42 healthy adults, 23 with very mild DAT, and 26 with mild DAT . Researchers Kristi S . Multhaup and David A . Balota had participants read some sentences ( e . g ., " The horse jumped the fence " ) and generate the endings to other sentences ( e . g ., " The gentleman opened the " ).
  6. It's difficult to find multhaup in a sentence.

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