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  1. There are no ocelli and the mouthparts are adapted for chewing.
  2. Many spiders do not have mouthparts capable of penetrating human skin.
  3. They have sclerotised heads with compound eyes and mandibulate mouthparts.
  4. They use their straw-like mouthparts to inject enzymes into plants.
  5. Insect mouthparts and antennae are considered homologues of insect legs.
  6. It's difficult to find mouthparts in a sentence.
  7. Species in the genus " Nymphomyia " have atrophied mouthparts.
  8. When the moths vestigal mouths, meaning their mouthparts have been reduced.
  9. The head is small and rounded and with small mouthparts.
  10. Adults have sponging mouthparts and are found on open flowers.
  11. In this page, the individual mouthparts are introduced for chewing insects.
  12. The reduced mouthparts suggest this species does not feed as an adult.
  13. Adults have functional mouthparts and are attracted to nectar sources.
  14. Adult mouthparts include a prominent proboscis formed from maxillary genitalia.
  15. The mosquito mouthparts consist of the proboscis, paired mandibles and maxillae.
  16. Adult females and nymphs suck sap with their piercing mouthparts.
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