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  1. Mouthon competed at the first Olympic triathlon at the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  2. "For now, it is quite even, " said Philippe Mouthon, an analyst at SG Securities.
  3. "The Commission's concerns were not really related to space, " said Philippe Mouthon at Societe Generale in Paris.
  4. "I don't think the problems of US Airways will have a significant effect on Airbus, " said analyst Philippe Mouthon, of SG Securities.
  5. Loretta Harrop, another Australian, finished fourth, 1 : 34.7 back, while France's Isabelle Mouthon, second in the ITU points table, was fifth in 2 : 09 : 10.7.
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  7. Isabella Mouthon-Michellys of France, was second in 9 : 25 : 13, Fernanda Keller of Brazil was third in 9 : 37 : 48, and Newby-Fraser was fourth in 9 : 37 : 54.
  8. He worked together with Dani Schaffner, Christoph Gallio, Peter A . Schmid, Mathias Rissi, Kurt Gr鋗iger, Daniel Mouthon, Thomas Borgmann, Hans Koch, Urs Leimgruber, G黱ter M黮ler, Hans Hassler, Charlotte Hug, Matthias Ziegler, Christian Wolfarth, G黱ter Heinz and Barry Guy.
  9. "It's the health of the air traffic market that's important for Airbus _ even if one of its customers goes under, others can take up the slack, " said Philippe Mouthon, an analyst with SG Securities, who has a " buy " rating on EADS.

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