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  2. These are " fixed prosthesis " including orthodontic appliances and mouthguards.
  3. Children are given free mouthguards to prevent sports-related damage to their teeth.
  4. In 1974, it required the use of mouthguards and established sanctions for violations.
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  7. Mouthguards have become a standard in many sports.
  8. All youth, high school and college hockey leagues require safety gear, including mouthguards.
  9. Mouthguards can't eliminate dental-related injuries, but they can minimize the pain.
  10. Mouthguards appear to absorb some shock that contributes to concussions, but they aren't mandatory.
  11. Finally, the wearing of mouthguards to protect the teeth is now compulsory for safety in many countries.
  12. Young players quickly figure out that they don't need to wear mouthguards during on-ice practices.
  13. In addition to football, the NCAA currently requires mouthguards in ice hockey, field hockey, and lacrosse.
  14. The ADA shows that mouthguards are extremely effective in preventing facial injury in contact and non-contact sports.
  15. But neither the National Hockey League nor the Olympic men's ice-hockey team require players to wear mouthguards.
  16. The ADA recommends mouthguards be used in 29 sports : acrobatics, basketball, bicycling, boxing, weightlifting and wrestling.
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