mouth in a sentence

"mouth" meaning  "mouth" in Chinese  
  1. They create a lot of threats in goal-mouth situations.
  2. I looked from my mouth to my hand and back again.
  3. Fire spews from her mouth, smoke puffs from her nostrils.
  4. Directions stream from the left corner of Conti's mouth.
  5. Nobody ever got into trouble by keepin'his mouth shut.
  6. It's difficult to find mouth in a sentence.
  7. Provocation, in my mouth, means disturbing to the eye.
  8. They bring back a mouth or two or three to feed.
  9. Very seldom do we have that losing taste in our mouth.
  10. Woods said : " The taste was in our mouths.
  11. Or by sandblasting those commas at the sides of the mouth.
  12. The infant's mouth and nose had been taped shut.
  13. In this case, my money is where my mouth is.
  14. You have to know your audience before you open your mouth.
  15. It felt like he was blasting concrete right in my mouth.
  16. A dry mouth and stinky breath also have a direct relationship.
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