mouth breathers in a sentence

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  1. I've become a MOUTH BREATHER . This is not sick!
  2. It's the mouth breathers in R . E . M ., who played an arena in my city Tuesday night.
  3. :: : Mouth breathing certainly isn't the only way you end up drooling in your sleep, but mouth breathers do tend to drool in their sleep more frequently.
  4. Gingivitis and gingival enlargement are often seen in mouth breathers, as a result of irritation brought on by surface dehydration, but the manner in which it is caused has not been demonstrated.
  5. A person with a deviated septum ( the partition inside the nose ), nasal polyps or oversize tonsils and adenoids may be forced to be a mouth breather, during the day as well as when asleep.
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  7. Walford was the unnamed subject of The Jesus Lizard song " Mouth Breather " from the album " Goat ", which describes the outcome of an episode wherein producer Steve Albini asked Walford to house-sit for him.
  8. Recording for the Punk goes acoustic compilation " Blue Collar Lullaby " as well as a cover of the Jesus Lizard's " Mouth Breather " and an ill conceived cover of Falco's 80's hit " Rock me Amadeus ".
  9. He keeps a campaign diary in which he calls New Hampshire residents " inbred retards " and " feebleminded mouth breathers " ( the diary becomes public, of course ) and tells a sick but funny joke about the assassination of John F . Kennedy _ to the Knights of Columbus.

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