mouth bows in a sentence

"mouth bows" in Chinese  
  1. It consists of a bow that is rubbed against another bow, with some chroniclers also describing a mouth bow.
  2. He is also a player of the 鄋 m鬷 ( Vietnamese jaw harp ), as well as the mouth bow.
  3. Among the many instruments Cooper-Moore has built are " a diddley-bow, a three-string fretless banjo and a mouth bow ."
  4. The stirring monologue was performed with slide projections and an original score by Colin Offord played on a bowing instrument known as " the great island mouth bow ."
  5. There are further displays concerning household goods, clothing, hygiene, religious and recreational life, mouth bows and staffs, toys for young and old, including a well-engineered pair of bone glasses.
  6. It's difficult to find mouth bows in a sentence.

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