mouth bits in a sentence

"mouth bits" in Chinese  
  1. Inside the horse's mouth, the gag bit may be jointed like a snaffle bit or smooth like a Mullen mouth bit.
  2. The unforgettable scene in the garden with the aged Don playing monster games with his grandson ( reportedly, Brando himself came up with the orange-peel-in-the-mouth bit ).
  3. Some horses prefer a smaller diameter bit in their mouth because their mouths do not have room for the thick mouthpieces, and in such cases a hollow mouth bit may cause discomfort.
  4. The end of the poem opens on a very pure, unaccompanied vocalization ( bars 43 to 55 in the score ) in which the singer must adjust her " tessitura " and sing " ?bouche ferm閑 " ( " with mouth closed " ), then " bouche ouverte " ( " mouth open " ), " closing the mouth bit by bit ".
  5. It's difficult to find mouth bits in a sentence.

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