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  1. The Wax Lake Delta's distributary channels form via deposition of mouth bars.
  2. The reason, as I discovered for myself, is that they'll turn into fudgey melt-in-your mouth bars, and cut better, too.
  3. Brisbane offered a most attractive locality elevated upon the riverbank, but was hampered by the river mouth bar and sixteen miles of meandering river.
  4. On the bay mouth bars that separate the river from Lake Superior, there are rare plant communities that are found only in the Great Lakes region.
  5. Another way these distributary networks form is from deposition of mouth bars ( mid-channel sand and / or gravel bars at the mouth of a river ).
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  7. A "'bar "'in a river is an elevated region of sediment ( such as sand or gravel ) that has been meandering rivers ), and mouth bars ( common in river deltas ).
  8. The golden round island at the mouth of the Senegal River is the indication ( customary on portolan charts ) of river mouth bars or islands-in this case, probably a reference to the Langue de Barbarie or the island of Mali ( " " Rex Musa Meli " ", prob.

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