mouth almighty in a sentence

  1. Mouth Almighty currently is assembling an artist roster; additional compilation albums are likely.
  2. The soundtrack, underscored with music by tomandandy, was issued by Mouth Almighty Records.
  3. This venture was revived in 1996 as Mouth Almighty Records under the auspices of Mercury Records.
  4. In 1997, the Mouth Almighty slam team, coached by Holman, won the National Poetry Slam.
  5. As for recordings, one record label, Mouth Almighty, already has a firm hold on the niche.
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  7. In 1998 Mouth Almighty released Holman's own " In With the Out Crowd, " produced by Hal Willner.
  8. Initially distributed by BMG, this venture was revived in 1996 as Mouth Almighty Records under the auspices of Mercury Records.
  9. Rick Rubin, head of American Records, is a major spoken-word fan who considered financing the Mouth Almighty team.
  10. "This is definitely the commodification of poetry, " announces Adler, one-fourth of the ownership at Mouth Almighty Records.
  11. He also released an album on Mouth Almighty Records, a spoken-word imprint of Mercury / PolyGram Records that was active during the 1990s.
  12. This year, Mercury Records created a new label, Mouth Almighty Records, becoming the first major company to make a commitment to record and promote the new poets.
  13. Mouth Almighty's four-CD box set of readings by William Burroughs, produced by the poet John Giorno, was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1999.
  14. Ten species of fish are found in the river including; Barred Grunter, Fly-specked Hardyhead, Salmon Catfish, Mouth Almighty, Barramundi, Rainbowfish and Bony Bream.
  15. Her husband, Bill Adler, the president of Mouth Almighty Records, a spoken-word label, said he was just blown away by her first " Cooking Live " show.
  16. "USOP " is the first release from Mouth Almighty, a new label launched last month by Adler, fellow music industry veteran Jim Coffman, and poets Bob Holman and Sekou Sundiata.
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