mouth agape in a sentence

  1. Police officers on the sidelines watched the hordes with mouths agape.
  2. Hampton was clearly distracted, his mouth agape within his goatee.
  3. The Buckeyes left Ann Arbor with their mouths agape, too.
  4. The sufferer will detach, stare into space, mouth agape.
  5. She said Kennedy watched Harris'TV interview with his mouth agape.
  6. It's difficult to find mouth agape in a sentence.
  7. UCLA fans might have watched the performance with mouths agape.
  8. He trotted up to us as we stood motionless, mouths agape.
  9. And the tortoise had left the hare with mouth agape.
  10. Fans, their mouths agape, stare upward in shock.
  11. At that, Ryder leaped to her feet, her mouth agape.
  12. Their glaring red and gold decorations make visitors stand with mouths agape.
  13. Her mouth agape, she could barely swallow or eat.
  14. It was difficult to speak with our mouths agape ".
  15. Then together they broke the surface, their mouths agape to collect food.
  16. RUTH ( MOUTH AGAPE ) : Um, yeah.
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