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  1. It is bordered on the North by Mouterhouse, on the Northeast by Baerenthal, on the Southeast by Lichtenberg, on the Southwest by Wimmenau and in the Northwest by Goetzenbruck.
  2. An der Stra遝 zwischen Mouterhouse ( Moselle ) und Wingen-sur-Moder ( Bas-Rhin ) findet man den Zw鰈fapostelstein, einen vorgeschichtlichen Menhir, der seit dem Mittelalter eine Grenzmarke zwischen dem Elsass und Lothringen bildet.
  3. The Northern Zinsel then flows through a valley which is very wide in places, surrounded by the endless forests of the Mouterhouse State Forest, in a southeasterly direction to the 蓆ang de Baerenthal and the popular holdiday resort of the same name.
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