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  1. But Mounce said he was hopeful that the worst was over.
  2. Three weeks later, Mounce was sent back to the minors.
  3. Texas also signed left-hander Tony Mounce to a minor league contract.
  4. The 28-year-old Mounce was released Thursday by the Rangers.
  5. Mounce said in a statement posted in Japanese on the team Web site.
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  7. So I m trying to call for another election, " Mounce said.
  8. Mounce gained his lone major league win on July 3 against the Anaheim Angels.
  9. "The beauty and quality is really appealing beyond trends, " says Mounce.
  10. Tony Mounce ( 1-5 ) allowed five runs and seven hits in three innings.
  11. Mounce has written commentaries on Matthew ( ISBN 0-80104-721-8 ).
  12. Mounce studied at the University of Washington, Multnomah School of the Bible and Fuller Theological Seminary.
  13. Mounce writes that this is because " . . . the symbol has made way for reality.
  14. Tonight's starter, Tony Mounce, will be making his second career appearance from the game.
  15. For this accomplishment, former head coach Kevin Mounce was named A-Sun coach of the year.
  16. Tony Mounce pitched well for the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night and Mario Ramos is set to pitch Thursday.
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