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  1. The motor controller would then move the motor according to the input.
  2. What solutions would you suggest for a simple stepper motor controller?
  3. The motorman regulated the motor controller that again magnetized the motors.
  4. Power was collected from a diamond-shaped camshaft motor controller which provided for smooth acceleration.
  5. The globe is made of wood and is driven with a variable speed motor controller.
  6. It's difficult to find motor controller in a sentence.
  7. Motor controllers are also used to manage things like speed regulation, cruise control and regenerative braking.
  8. Modern medium-voltage AC motor controllers use vacuum contactors.
  9. All hardware and electronics including motor, motor controller and battery pack are integrated into the frame.
  10. All communications between the motor controller, fuel cell and ultracapcitors were programmed by Lawrence Tech students.
  11. The company s first patented product was a carbon disc compression-type motor controller for industrial cranes.
  12. The motor controller controls the desired motor power.
  13. BEVs use electric motors and motor controllers instead of internal combustion engines ( ICEs ) for propulsion.
  14. It can be found in most power supplies, DC to DC converters, and low voltage motor controllers.
  15. Designed by Gulton Industries the motor controller automatically began battery charging when the brake pedal was applied.
  16. The motor returns an 88 % efficiency, with the motor controller consuming 2 % of the power.
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