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  1. "They had dramatically increased improvement in motor ability, " she said.
  2. A diagnostic test of unawareness of bilateral motor abilities in anosognosia for hemiplegia.
  3. She decided to use a familiar tapping test and steadiness test to assess motor ability.
  4. Stair descent involves perceptual, cognitive and motor abilities.
  5. Impaired motor ability persists ( and possibly worsens ) as children with Williams syndrome reach adolescence.
  6. It's difficult to find motor abilities in a sentence.
  7. Not only did Leta Hollingworth study motor ability, she also sought to study mental ability as well.
  8. Studies have shown even low-level exposure diminishes I . Q ., impairs attention span and interferes with visual-motor abilities.
  9. Motor ability is also impaired as a result of having FG syndrome and its effects on the development of neurons.
  10. The five major categories for these tests are intellectual abilities, spatial and mechanical abilities, perceptual accuracy, motor abilities and personality tests.
  11. In contrast, habituation is a learned adaption to the repeated presentation of a stimulus, not a reduction in sensory or motor ability.
  12. These findings show that language acquisition is an embodied process that is influenced by a child s overall motor abilities and development.
  13. There is a correlation in mental rotation and motor ability in children, and this connection is especially strong in boys age 7 8.
  14. The "'Children's Nonverbal Learning Disabilities Scale ( C-NLD ) "'is an assessment that screens for the symptoms for motor abilities, and social interactions.
  15. The study showed a significant placebo effect, though the motor ability of the patients who actually got the fetal implants improved even more.
  16. Children were known for having very connected motor and cognitive processes, and the study showed that this overlap is influenced by motor ability.
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