motopark in a sentence

  1. Mikhail Aleshin of the Motopark Oschersleben team, completed the top three.
  2. Again, Motopark would appeal and would lose again.
  3. Motopark Oschersleben driver Scott Speed won four races on his way to championship title.
  4. I also added three race location links for Imola, Motopark Oschersleben and Dubai Autodrome.
  5. Markelov stayed in the German series for another year in 2013, remaining with Motopark.
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  7. This made Oliver the title favourite after he signed to Join Motopark for the 2007 season.
  8. Motopark Academy's Filipe Albuquerque completed the top five, despite missing Le Mans round.
  9. He started for Motopark Academy first.
  10. Fl鰎sch currently competes in the Motopark.
  11. Motopark Academy driver Filipe Albuquerque won the NEC championship title, having won four races during the season.
  12. Following this, Motopark ended their partnership with team, leaving their participation in the GP3 seasons in limbo.
  13. The Dutch driver also competed in the Windsor Arch F3 Macau Grand Prix with Team Motopark Academy, finishing 5th.
  14. S鴕ensen's loss was another Motopark driver's gain as Quaife-Hobbs took his first Eurocup victory.
  15. He returned to Motopark Academy for 2009 campaigns in the Eurocup and Northern European Cup, finishing fourth in both series.
  16. With the team renamed to Motopark Academy for 2008, Hegewald continued in the two championships, hoping for some title success.
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