motopark academy in a sentence

  1. Motopark Academy's Filipe Albuquerque completed the top five, despite missing Le Mans round.
  2. He started for Motopark Academy first.
  3. Motopark Academy driver Filipe Albuquerque won the NEC championship title, having won four races during the season.
  4. The Dutch driver also competed in the Windsor Arch F3 Macau Grand Prix with Team Motopark Academy, finishing 5th.
  5. He returned to Motopark Academy for 2009 campaigns in the Eurocup and Northern European Cup, finishing fourth in both series.
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  7. With the team renamed to Motopark Academy for 2008, Hegewald continued in the two championships, hoping for some title success.
  8. He finished almost 150 points clear of his nearest rival Nabil Jeffri, who was run by Motopark Academy without Lotus backing.
  9. Racing with Motopark Academy, Antunes raced at Circuit Zolder, also known as Circuit Terlaemen in Belgium, qualifying 23rd and finishing 14th.
  10. Besides repeat appearance in Formula BMW World Final, Wickens was guest driver at the N黵burgring Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0 for Motopark Academy.
  11. In 2009 Magnussen moved up to Formula Renault, finishing runner-up to Ant髇io F閘ix da Costa in the Eurocup, driving for Motopark Academy.
  12. In 2010 Magnussen competed in the German Formula Three Championship with Motopark Academy and Carlin Motorsport; winning the opening round of the season at Oschersleben.
  13. Motopark Academy driver Frank Kechele won the NEC championship title, having won eight races during the season, bringing the team their second successive drivers'championship title.
  14. He won the Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup in 2007 for Motopark Academy by winning eight races and beating Tobias Hegewald and Valtteri Bottas to the title.
  15. Motopark Academy won the teams'title after their drivers Emil Bernstorff, Artem Markelov, Kean Kristensen and Mario Farnbacher occupied second, fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.
  16. Motopark Academy driver Ant髇io F閘ix da Costa won the NEC championship title, having won nine races during the season, bringing the team their fourth successive drivers'championship title.
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