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  1. The big question : Will there be a Mortal Kombat III?
  2. Heroes honored and artists beloved, being mortal, burn out.
  3. It won't outgross " Mortal Kombat,"
  4. 4 . " Mortal Kombat _ The Animated Video"
  5. By then, merely mortal, he went 12-15.
  6. It's difficult to find mortal in a sentence.
  7. It will place innocent bystanders in mortal danger when gunplay begins.
  8. He can be a savior, and he can be mortal.
  9. Computer models that predict the state of the atmosphere are mortal.
  10. Not very long ago, BC was an NCAA mortal lock.
  11. We thought it was a mortal lock he could go elsewhere,
  12. Unlike mere mortals, Barkley remains undeterred by age and injury.
  13. Only two variables can make mortals swifter, higher, stronger.
  14. Its roster of films includes " Mortal Kombat,"
  15. And mortal peril isn't the only motivation for spying.
  16. Maybe he can go out and play defense against mere mortals.
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