more in a sentence

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  1. Soldier Field in Chicago has averaged three more patrons than capacity.
  2. But Brazil public opinion is more critical than any other country.
  3. But charter advocates would like to see more evidence of innovation.
  4. Multimillionaire athletes threaten to go on strike, demanding more benefits.
  5. Settling the teasing with other kids was a little more difficult.
  6. It's difficult to find more in a sentence.
  7. For Greenbaum, now 43, the memories were more poignant.
  8. It will take more than a speech to impress these Palestinians.
  9. And, like all New Yorkers, Gus needs more space.
  10. Darling still will have one more assignment before he can rest.
  11. More than that, he nearly always manages to exploit it.
  12. Why New York might seem more attractive is not entirely clear.
  13. "I'd like to do more ."
  14. Could they have done more in the U . S .?
  15. The 10.25 percent loan would cost $ 440 more.
  16. From feudal days, power alliances meant far more than ideas.
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