more competitive in a sentence

"more competitive" in Chinese  
  1. The baht depreciation has resulted in more competitive prices Thai goods.
  2. Cheaper sterling helps exporters by making their products more competitive abroad.
  3. The partnership would enable them to be more competitive and stronger.
  4. He also said the World Cup needed to be more competitive.
  5. Things are a little more competitive in the Best Actress race.
  6. It's difficult to find more competitive in a sentence.
  7. It would make Shanghai Petrochemical more competitive with more product lines.
  8. Bowden proposed his own radical plan to make races more competitive.
  9. The trend has forced many Mexican banks to become more competitive.
  10. Here are our endorsements in some of the more competitive contests.
  11. Seagate is seeing strong demand and they are getting more competitive,
  12. We know they can be more efficient and far more competitive.
  13. We expect these actions will make our international business more competitive.
  14. A cheaper yen makes Japanese products more competitive on world markets.
  15. Conservatives insist that the law will make the media more competitive.
  16. This is another step toward making the German economy more competitive,
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