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  1. The zambra owes much to Moorish culture, not gypsy culture.
  2. The food is not really Moorish, whatever that might mean.
  3. Now referred to as Moorish, commissioned in the Moorish era.
  4. Now referred to as Moorish, commissioned in the Moorish era.
  5. A distinct hybrid of Moorish and retreat facility, Serra Retreat.
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  7. The Spanish donated documents that detailed their period of Moorish rule.
  8. He befriends a Moorish slave, Yusuf-ben-Moktar.
  9. This type of Spanish pottery owed much to its Moorish inheritance.
  10. The existing gapers in Amsterdam are almost all of Moorish appearance.
  11. Nearby on the grounds stands a large Moorish style royal palace.
  12. In Moorish times it was a centre of the silk industry.
  13. The ruins of a Moorish castle sit near the highest point.
  14. The Moorish Barracks is managed by the Macao Harbour Administration Building.
  15. Some of her designs were inspired by Moorish and Mission styles.
  16. During the Moorish period the village belonged to juz磀碅l-Ahw鈠.
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