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  1. As late as the 1970s, an old ship's mooring ring was seen in the area.
  2. Mooring rings were still there in 1824, and around 1830, three warped safely past the bar were installed.
  3. The decorative gondola mooring rings carved in stone on the exterior walls offer some evidence of this, as do other architectural features.
  4. Mooring rings and securing bars were implanted, which acted as a solid base that could subsequently be used as a landing platform for building materials.
  5. Many ships were wrecked on the Doom Bar, despite the installation of mooring rings and capstans on the cliffs and quarrying away part of Stepper Point to improve the wind.
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  7. However, contributing to the belief of a port at Helston was the discovery of what some people believe to be slipways and mooring rings, during excavations some thirty-three years ago.
  8. The report recommended initial expenditure of ?0, 000 to cut down the outer part of Stepper Point, which, in conjunction with the capstans, bollards and mooring rings, would significantly reduce the risk to shipping.
  9. The esplanade is bounded to the north and to the south by the " Grand port " and the " Petit port " respectively, thus constituting the Aix port which is the largest fresh water port in the country with 1, 500 mooring rings, having privileged places for boating on the lake, with boats having a summer or annual allocation.

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