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  1. These mooring points are usually presided over by an elder or headsman.
  2. Tour boat operators have been allocated fixed mooring points instead.
  3. Fishermen from the 蝜e de Sein, begrudgingly or otherwise, successfully established the first mooring points.
  4. The mooring points are close to sources of water or culturally significant locations like island cemeteries.
  5. Its placement will calm port waters and provide a mooring point for ocean liners cruising the Mediterranean.
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  7. The nose-cone of the envelope also carries the mooring point which can connect to a mobile mooring mast.
  8. A mooring point to accommodate cruise ships has also been proposed adjacent to Oceanic Victor's pilot aquaculture lease.
  9. There are mooring points in the lock basin on the River Ouse side with overnight mooring on the River Foss prohibited.
  10. The money-based fish markets which replaced the seasonal trade around mooring points necessitates a more land-based lifestyle for greater market penetration.
  11. It is a loading buoy anchored offshore that serves as a mooring point and interconnect for tankers loading or offloading petroleum products.
  12. This involved careful planning to avoid damage to 27 mature trees, and the widening of of the bank to create a mooring point.
  13. Unlike those systems, however, the mooring points were so far offshore that the movement from the ship to the land-side terminal would be a significant delay.
  14. It lies close to the all-weather mooring points used by overnight excursions at the head of Precipice Cove, so can be visited using a rigid-hulled inflatable boat.
  15. In its application to the Norwegian government, Shell U . K . Ltd . specified a mooring point in the deep Er Fjord 40 miles northeast of Stavanger.
  16. Fleet commanders overseeing the operation had decided for now not to attempt to move the Cole from its mooring point about a mile off the crowded harbor front.
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