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  1. The Navy previously had said the mooring operation was completed just minutes before.
  2. In the nose there was a position for mooring operations, navigation equipment and a machine gun mounting.
  3. Clark said that the ship's captain would not necessarily have expected a routine mooring operation to pose a threat.
  4. "Windlass " conducted mooring operations with USCG " Tug 8188 " and Newfoundland, in late May before returning to Bayonne on 1 June.
  5. Later, however, the Navy said it had misstated the sequence of events and that, in fact, the mooring operation was finished two hours before the attack.
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  7. The Navy said Friday the explosion occurred nearly two hours after the Cole was moored to a fuel dock, not during the mooring operation, as it had said before.
  8. The Navy said Friday the explosion occurred nearly two hours after the Cole was moored to a fuel dock in Aden harbor, not during the mooring operation, as it said before.
  9. After originally saying the attack occurred as the destroyer was moored in a Yemen fuel dock, the Navy later said it took place two hours after the ship completed its mooring operations.
  10. The revised timing is significant because it contradicts first reports that the attackers were involved in the mooring operation, or had at least cleverly infiltrated it and, having thus blended in, did not appear suspicious.
  11. Navy officials had said the attacking boat did not raise suspicions because it appeared to be part of the mooring operation, in which small harbor boats take the ship's lines to secure it to the floating dock.
  12. The sequence of events outlined by officials on Friday supports initial eyewitness accounts _ reported immediately after the blast _ that the skiff had approached the Cole alone and unchallenged, not as part of the mooring operation.
  13. Kirk S . Lippold, had reported by telephone to commanders in the region in the hours after the attack that the crew believed the skiff had been involved in mooring operation, suggesting the mooring was still under way.
  14. But it was a tiny bomb-laden, possibly rubber boat _ that appeared to be on a routine mooring operation _ which proved the toughest match for the 505-foot Arleigh-Burke-class guided missile destroyer and her crew of 350 highly trained Naval men and women.
  15. The investigation is focusing on the theory that a team of suicide bombers, possibly belonging to an Islamic terrorist group, attacked the Navy destroyer in a well-planned operation that used the cover of a mooring operation in Aden harbor to dash in among a flotilla of support vessels.
  16. From there, she continued her diverse towing operations; but, was assigned, more frequently than before, to support experimental projects, including the MONOB I and R / P " FLIP " projects, and to cable-laying and mooring operations off the Florida coast, in the Bermuda area, and in the Caribbean.
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